General Rig Specification

Rig Name / Type pi6
DESIGN Mobile Drilling Platfrom ABS
Built 1970
Life Extension 2006
Original Design Mobile Drilling Platform ABS
Water Depth 225ft
Drilling Water 4,386 bbls
Potable Water 472 bbls
Sack Storage Approx. 3,000 sacks, 750 lbs/ft²
Fuel Oil 1,796 bbls
Bulk Cement and Mud Storage 6,000 ft³total in 6 ‘P’tanks
Drilling depth 25,000 ft
Exposed Deck Areas 400 lbs./feet²
Skid load Capacity 950,000 lbs excluding fixed loads
Individual load or hook load Capacity 750,000 lbs
Set Back Load capacity
500,000 lbs
Displacement (light)
8,500 mT, 18,690 kips
Draft (light) 5’3”(saltwater)
Vertical C.G. 16.11ft
Longitudinal C.G. 95.22ft
Transverse C.G. 0.10ft to port
Drill Slot Dimensions Mat: 180 ft x 109 ft (132 ft at pods) x 16 ft
Slot in Mat: 87 ft long x 90 ft wide
Slot in Platform: 48 ft long x 50 ft wide
Drilling Envelope: 21.5 ft (L) x 15 ft (W)